Small Business Support – Interise2020 Conference

Business growth can be elusive. As a key catalyst, revenue growth for an established business requires a focused and comprehensive plan of action, a business growth plan. However, sustaining business growth following the development of the growth plan requires one more key element and that is capacity. Not volume capacity, but organizational capacity. Come join me at the Interise2020 Close the Gap conference to be held at the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor and attend my session to learn more about the seven tips that produce an organizational climate that is supportive of business scaling. The Interise2020 Close the Gap conference targeted small business owners seeking to further scale business operations to grow beyond the start-up phase, broaden their customer reach, or become a larger participant in their community’s economic development. The planners of Interise 2020 Close the Gap convened a host of entrepreneurs, consultants, and professionals from around the country with practical insights to deliver counsel that informed, influenced, and inspired owners to reengage or continue to move forward with their growth strategy plan. Contact the Interise staff and learn more about their national InteriseStrong program for small businesses.

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