Understanding Pricing As A Small Business Owner -GS10KSB Program

November 8, 2019. Harold Washington College. Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program; Chicago. This was a workshop for the 25th Cohort and I led a discussion considering the importance of knowing the value attributes customers assign to your products or services. Too often, the owner assumes “price” alone equates to value assigned by the customer. To the contrary, we concluded. The perception of value is richer and multi-layered and it includes other intangibles. Such as quality attributes, timeliness of problem resolution, order accuracy, and overall customer experience. Outcomes that directly result from the organization and management of your core business processes. Thus, documenting and evaluating your core business processes are essential to securing the scalability of the business enterprise. #smallbusinesses #gs10ksb #entrepreneurship #10ksbchicago #haroldwashingtoncollege