Women, Commerce, and The Community – Sponsored by Quad Communities Development Corporation

November 2019. Quad Communities Development Corporation (QCDC) held an inspirational women’s summit on Columbus day. In attendance, were women business owners and advocates supporting local economic development in Chicago. The key takeaway for women entrepreneurs! Without question, the consistent challenge that this group of business owners faces is an ongoing battle to balance passion (spark of independence), profitability (corporate health), and productivity (decision effectiveness). Often, women business owners believe deeply that they must be the glue that holds everything together whether it is a host of personal relationships or unrelenting business priorities. Alternatively, the group was encouraged to never abandon their purpose. “Understanding that purpose is the breath of motivation” (Chauntel Mckenzie, PowHer Network). Purpose fuels “intentionality”. Helping owners make clearer and future-focused decisions. Helping them better allocate time to meet business needs, but more importantly leaving appropriate time for family, friends; and self. A disciplined approach informed by purpose will improve the likelihood of business success for women-owned small- and medium-sized businesses. #emergingleaders #womenbusinessowners #entreprenuers #10KSBChicago #smallbusinessdevelopment #businesswomen #businesswomenlinkup #businesswomenontherise #businesswomeninthemaking #fridayfreedom #businesswomenrock #businesswomensday