Small Business Support – Interise2020 Conference

Business growth can be elusive. As a key catalyst, revenue growth for an established business requires a focused and comprehensive plan of action, a business growth plan. However, sustaining business growth following the development of the growth plan requires one more key element and that is capacity. Not volume capacity, but organizational capacity. Come join me at the Interise2020 Close the Gap conference to be held at the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor and attend my session to learn more about the seven tips that produce an organizational climate that is supportive of business scaling. The Interise2020 Close the Gap conference targeted small business owners seeking to further scale business operations to grow beyond the start-up phase, broaden their customer reach, or become a larger participant in their community’s economic development. The planners of Interise 2020 Close the Gap convened a host of entrepreneurs, consultants, and professionals from around the country with practical insights to deliver counsel that informed, influenced, and inspired owners to reengage or continue to move forward with their growth strategy plan. Contact the Interise staff and learn more about their national InteriseStrong program for small businesses.

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Women, Commerce, and The Community – Sponsored by Quad Communities Development Corporation

November 2019. Quad Communities Development Corporation (QCDC) held an inspirational women’s summit on Columbus day. In attendance, were women business owners and advocates supporting local economic development in Chicago. The key takeaway for women entrepreneurs! Without question, the consistent challenge that this group of business owners faces is an ongoing battle to balance passion (spark of independence), profitability (corporate health), and productivity (decision effectiveness). Often, women business owners believe deeply that they must be the glue that holds everything together whether it is a host of personal relationships or unrelenting business priorities. Alternatively, the group was encouraged to never abandon their purpose. “Understanding that purpose is the breath of motivation” (Chauntel Mckenzie, PowHer Network). Purpose fuels “intentionality”. Helping owners make clearer and future-focused decisions. Helping them better allocate time to meet business needs, but more importantly leaving appropriate time for family, friends; and self. A disciplined approach informed by purpose will improve the likelihood of business success for women-owned small- and medium-sized businesses. #emergingleaders #womenbusinessowners #entreprenuers #10KSBChicago #smallbusinessdevelopment #businesswomen #businesswomenlinkup #businesswomenontherise #businesswomeninthemaking #fridayfreedom #businesswomenrock #businesswomensday

Training at Babson College Executive Training Center – Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

November 19-21,2019. Babson College Executive Training Center. Goldman Sachs 10KSB Program. Boston. Two cohorts with sixty (60) business owners representing a diversity of firms including restaurants, bakeries, manufacturers, staffing companies, law firms, Federal 8a government contractors, and not-for-profits. Thanks to all who attended these workshops and for their thoughtful conversation. Our discussion explored three aspects of organizational development in an environment of growth. These issues were: scaling operations to support revenue growth, defining and documenting core business processes to improve organizational effectiveness, and strategies to support successful delegation of the management of core business processes to management team members or staff. The results of these sessions can best be summarized by a quote from the book entitled “Traction”. “Your business is an entity in and of itself. Yes, you created it, but in order to find success, you have to turn it into a self-sustaining organism…. You need [to develop] a system to optimize your people; processes, execution, management, and communication.” #10ksbChicago#enterpreneurship#goldmansachs#babson#smallbusinessweek#womenownedbusinesses #businesswomen #businesswomenlinkup #businesswomenontherise #businesswomeninthemaking #fridayfreedom #businesswomenrock #businesswomansday

Sagesse Lumiere expands services to include executive training courses

FY2016 was a strong year for Sagesse Lumiere ( Sagesse Lumiere expanded services from small business coaching and consulting, to now, developing and delivering customized executive training for business owners operating businesses with annual revenues between $300K to $12,000,000. The training is specifically tailored to offer the business owner a balanced skill set that can be used immediately to improve productivity and help the owner achieve their desired vision.

Established after numerous one-on-one engagements, with start-ups, emerging and establish businesses over the past ten years, Sagesse Lumiere has developed an approach to small business owner training that is practical and suited to address your current opportunities and needs. Areas of focus for our modules are: talent development and management, financial analysis, forecasting and management, and strategy development and execution.

During the last quarter of 2016, Sagesse Lumiere partnered with teams from Accenture and Civic Consulting Alliance (CCA); along with a human resources subject matter expert, Mr. Brandon Pendleton, to develop and deliver a five-module training course for CCA’s Chicago Small Business Advantage program. To learn more, read the CCA’s newsletter entitled, Advancing Economic Vitality, one small business at a time,