Executive Coaching for Small Business Owners

As small business owners, we are faced with daily with choices that impact the general performance and overall success of our businesses.  We We have achieved success to this point by creatively leveraging resources to sustain operations and by relying on our core skills to sustain our businesses.

However, there are moments when we must seek advice from business professionals to help identify alternatives to focus improvement efforts, in order to provide the greatest potential impact on the overall business.   Business coaching services directly addresses this need by offering an independent voice that provides business owners an additional resource to assist them during the critical planning and execution phrases.

Sagesse Lumiere engages with business owners in two ways: (1) one-to-one coaching exchanges, and (2) peer learning through customized workshop.  Sagesse Lumiere meets one-on-one with business owners to establish a mentoring relationship to help you stay focused on the “big-picture” and motivated to accomplish your overall vision and goals for your business and yourself.

Customized workshops supplement the individual coaching practice for small business owners and their executive team.   These workshops provide business owners with the training needed to overcome the most common business challenges that arise from talent development and management, financial analysis and management, and productivity improvement.